American artist Christian Faur has created these portraits using a new and unseen technique that involved using thousands of simple crayons. Each crayon is placed upright so that it acts like a giant pixel to form the pictures. Enjoy some of Faur’s latest work below and make sure you check out her website if you want to see more of her work.

Faur describes her work as

I think of it like a game, with a set of axioms that are established at the outset through the limitations of the material or forms from which the work is constructed, which then dictates what can and cannot be ‘said’ within the boundaries of the chosen medium. this material limitation can also be a strength, as there is the potential to contain thoughts and ideas in unique ways, so that the ‘medium’ can become the ‘message’. this intertwining of form and function can be seen most directly in my work, which is comprised of crayons and shredded paper.’

Visit Christian Faur’s Official website here.

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