Porsche has just released a video series that gives us a glimpse of the Porsche Museum and some of it’s hidden gems. The Porsche Museum is in Stuttgart, Germany where Porsche is originally from. (If you haven’t noticed it’s written on every Porsche logo) The facility is not only the home of Porsche cars but also vehicles from other car makers such as Audi’s, Seats and Lada’s as mentioned in the video above. Pay attention towards the end of the video, there is the very first 911 Turbo that belonged to Louise Porsche Pieche, the daughter of Ferdinand Porsche. Beautiful Car!

We will keep you posted when Part 2 comes out! It will provide details about some very special cars such as theĀ 996 Bulletproof, 906 Ollon-Villars Hill Climb, FLA Concept Study, 924 World Record Car, 928 Convertible Prototype, 908 Targa Florio and the 984 Porsche Junior.


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