As you may have heard, Apple is releasing the new iPhone on Friday September 21, 2012. That’s not all, there are rumors that Apple will be releasing a brand-new “mini iPad” as well. There is no release date for the mini iPad yet. Now, the question that most people are asking is, why a mini iPad? Well, Apple has some competition with Samsung and Amazon. The Amazon Kindle Fire has cut into Apple’s market share. A kindle or Samsung 7-inch tablet start at just $199. Most people use tablets to watch movies and read books because it is much more comfortable to use than a 10-inch tablet. Sources say the mini iPad will be around 213.36mm tall and about 143.67mm wide and it will be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0-friendly. Will the mini iPad feature a front and rear camera? A trusted Apple source believes so, although the exact specifications of the cameras are unknown. It is said that Apple will debut the iPhone 5, mini iPad and the new iPod nano on September 12, 2012. Are you excited? I sure am.


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