Priced at about $57,140, the GEN H-4 is the world’s smallest one man co-axial helicopter ever made. It’s powered by four GEN 125 engines (125cc, two-stroke boxer twin, 10 hp per engine) with a total output of 40 horsepower. Japanese engine designer, Gennai “Gen” Yanagisawa, CEO of Gen Corporation invented  this ultralight one-man helicopter, and hopes that “someday this can be used just like a scooter.” As of now four have been sold in Japan, and two in the US.

“Running on unleaded automobile gasoline, the GEN H-4 is safe, stable and easy to fly. Similar to how one would ride a motorcycle, simply strap-on the safety belt, start the four engines and take off into the sky. Take off vertically, and fly to your heart’s content. Due to the compact, ultralight nature of the GEN H-4, it can be stored in less than half the space of a family-sized car after partially dismantling the unit. Weighing only 70 kg (155 lb) it could be easily handled by one person. Carry one on-board your truck or boat to your location of choice, and take off into the sky in minutes. ”

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