The LFA was meant to be the pinnacle of Toyota’s strong arm, Lexus. Nearing the end of it’s production run, the LFA is still struggling to capture the hearts of enthusiast. Possibly because of the sad combination of its staggering price tag & lackluster competitive performance. But Lexus has been planning a second rear drive hybrid supercar dubbed the LF-LC. While it may be tardy to the party, the little brother in terms of power, performance, & price; certainly has been fitted with the better prom suit. Styling of the LF-LC does borrow design cues from the LFA, but with a much more elegant, futuristic, modern twist. Now, this is a concept car, so by the time safety regulations & production cost kicks in, it’s highly possible that the production model won’t look as good.

There aren’t any official performance number on the Lexus LF-LC, because there’s still doubt if it will go into production. But with the LFA’s days  numbered, the success of the new GT 86 cars (Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86) and the coming of rivaling homeland supercars (Acura NSX & Infiniti Emerg-E), Toyota will most likely have a good reason to give the LF-LC the “go ahead”.

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