Musixcube is a conceptual thesis project by Hauke Scholz. It is a hand-held controlling device for a given piece of digital  music production software. The aim of the project is to keep the music creators away from the  computer and literally give them controls in their hands. When you first touch the cube, its primary layer is the group (your instrumentation options), then you turn it to find samples (your basic beats). By flipping the cube again and again, you can add more layers of sound (reaching a maximum of five). And by shaking, hitting, or twisting the device, you do things like add effects or access the options. As the mix grows more complex, the once-dark cube becomes a glittering show of light and color. Interaction between  the device and music creating apps is based on the Rubik’s Tower. As of today, MusixCube is a series of two prototypes, each containing some of the ideal final product’s core functionality. Scholz recognizes that building the complete MusixCube would be a “great  challenge,” but with the right engineering and creative team, he’d like to make that happen.
Source: Co.Design

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