The LA Auto Show held the debut of what could be iconic vehicles from several manufactures. Rolls-Royce was one of those brands to reveal a new “special” vehicle. This debut was a private invite-only unveiling of the new $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom coupe Aviator collection. The car was built to honor Charles Rolls who worked with the Wright brothers and was an aviation pioneer in the United Kingdom. The car features $60,000 in upgrades on top of the “base” $400,000+ Phantom Coupe. Key features of the Aviator Phantom include the leather floorboards with integrated aluminum, aircraft-grade steel, commemorative badges, a large “picnic boot”, and Rolls-Royce signature in-door umbrellas, dimming star-light roof headlining, & cigarette trays. Only 35 of these special Phantom coupes will be built.

Source: Forbes

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