Just about everyone has an old cell phone that has become obsolete with the rise of the all-powerful Smart Phone. This leaves the question of how to properly recycle – or upcycle – your seemingly useless old phone. Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of adding “functional cell phone” to your shoe closet, British electronics recycling company O2 has just the thing for you: Christian Louboutins with upcycled cell phones embedded in the soles (priced at $4,000)!

Of course, the red sole is arguably one of the most coveted aspects of the legendary shoes, O2 has now released a plan to add a futuristic element by adding outdated – though still functional – mobile phone to the soles. This project – entitled Walkie Talkies – lets consumers make use of their old phones in a fun way (you are free to simply donate your old phone without having to buy the shoes). “I wondered how I could make phones that people might be embarrassed to be seen with into something that would give them a new lease of life – which is what upcycling is all about,” said Sean Miles, the designer of the space-age heels.

Additionally, the project has expanded to include options for Hunter Boots, and several other iconic footwear brands. Talk about a conversation piece!

Via Elite Daily

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