Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese wore a specially printed nylon mesh dress for a private runway event on Monday night At Manhattan’s Ace Hotel. This Fibbonaci-inspired gown was designed in collaboration by Michael Schmidt and Architect Francis Bitonti printed by Shapeways. Using Von Teese’s measurements, Bitonti built a 3-D model of the dress, adapting Schmidt’s original sketch to fit her body using Maya, the high-end design software used for commercial projects including architecture, product manufacturing, and animated movies. Then in Rhino, he detailed 2,633 independent rings, or links, that formed the body of the dress. The futuristic black gown was laser sintered on an EOS P350 in 17 parts which were then manually assembled.

“The exciting thing about this for me, is what 3-D printing is going to do in every industry,” says Bitonti. “In fashion terms, it would be, you’re bringing your couture logic to something that could potentially be ready to wear.”



Via Design Boom & Wired

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