Ever feel frustrated when – even if you’ve followed the recipe exactly – you can never seem to pull off the delicate balance of your favorite cocktail? Or have you ever experienced host/hostess anxiety about being able to keep up cocktail production while still socializing and maintaining the desired vibe at your fabulous fete? Well let all of your fears fade away as you raise a glass to the advent of Bartendro (price dependent on chosen Kickstater contribution level).

While this ingenious “party robot” is still in the Kickstater phase, it promises to totally change the bartending and entertaining worlds forever. The idea behind the invention is that you can hook up your tablet or smartphone to the “robot” and choose from a menu of drinks (with accompanying formulas) using Bartendro’s special app. Then all you have to do is supply the ingredients and insert Bartendro’s rubber straws into them, specify the quantity you require, and press “go!” The machine then pulls from the different liquids (for example, if the drink was a cosmopolitan, you would supply the bot with vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec and lime juice) and dispenses perfect cocktails .

We can’t wait for this great gadget to be readily available on the market and be free from kinks – we love that it’s equal parts science lab and futuristic party! George Jetson would approve!

Via Uncrate

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