When you a frame a shot on Instagram, of course you want to indulge in some photography fun, but really what many users are doing is snapping visual reminders of what inspires them. From a gratuitous shot of a favorite food, to a breathtaking sunset, each post is a statement about what visually appeals to each individual poster. So why not channel that inspiration into a super-fresh pair of sneakers? Well now, the style-savvy sneaker heads at Nike PHOTOiD have found an outlet for all that social media creativity.

Nike PHOTOiD has created an ingenious system which allows shoppers to create a user profile by logging in through their existing Instagram account; the next step is to choose a photo and pick one of three Nike styles (approximately $135). Then, the system will generate a custom sneaker design corresponding¬†to the colors and visual elements in the image. The result is a Nike look that is totally your own – which will also be displayed in Nike PHOTOiD’s online public gallery -¬†it’s amazing to see how each individual shoe really does invoke the essence of the inspirational image. Check out some of our favorite examples from the gallery bellow and above (a timely homage to Coachella)!

Via Nike PHOTOiD & High Snobiety

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