The fantasy of a real, functioning hovercraft is nothing new in the realm of aspiring designers and engineers (or even in the realm of industry veterans). However far-off the reality might be, it’s always thrilling to see a concept for a floating vehicle that transcends the notion of pure fantasy and actually seems like it could one day hover on a road near you!

Up-and-coming Chinese industrial designer Yuhan Zhang – only 21 years of age – has inspired that sentiment of futuristic realism in our minds with his recently released concept for an amphibious hover craft, based on the design and functionality of one of the world’s most beloved auto brands: Volkswagen. The concept images show a sleek, yet practical, vehicle – complete with an imagined hydrogen fuel cell engine and electric motors. Check out some of Zhang’s meticulously rendered hover craft creations – you’ll be longing to go back to the future in no time!

Via High Snobiety

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