When it comes to travel style, Louis Vuitton already has things locked up in the luggage department. However, this summer the legendary luxury fashion house is teaming up with ethereal Japanese artist Natsko Seki to take jet-setting to and from New York, London, Easter Island and Paris to the ultimate next level.

LV’s new collection of limited edition Travel Books come complete is a sleek box and feature a beautiful red and brown leather cover. Each guide is full of unique illustrations by Seki that depict each destinations special spots and tourist must-sees (think the Notre Dame Cathedral and London’s Regent’s Canal). Seki used a combination of her signature dreamy – yet classic – illustration style and stop-motion animation stills to depict real people in real city hangouts. The result? Absolutely transportative! Snap these up for a guide for an upcoming vacay, or give them a look just for the sense of escape!

Via Vogue

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