Who doesn’t love a little bit of magic, by way of creative design, engineering and optical illusion? With the amazing Float Tables ($7,800 – 16,250) – by the genius design team of┬áJessica Banks & Mihae Mukaida at Rock Paper Robot – you can truly add a hint of futuristic fantasy to your decor scheme. Available in three sizes (2 small side tables, larger side table & coffee table) these unique pieces of furniture are crafted from magnetized walnut cubes & super-thin steel cables. The balance of the magnets and cables is just so that the cubes repel and support each other in space, resulting the appearance that they are levitating around each other.

The design of the Float Tables is a demonstration of the truly amazing power & beauty of physics in action. The tables are able to support a weight of up to 5 pounds & will move with stunning elasticity when pressure is applied, yet the cubes always magically spring back into position when force is taken away! Check out the breathtaking images & demo video below to grasp just how innovative this modern design is!


Via Aha Life

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