Several years ago, Nissan made major waves in the electric car world when they introduced the revolutionary Nissan Leaf – an accessible, eco-friendly electric car that was sleek-looking, affordable, and easy to use. Last weekend, the iconic Japanese car company raised the bar yet again as they debuted the ZEOD RC (Zero Emissions On-Deman Race Car) at the 2013 LeMans race in France (NIssan plans to enter the ZEOD RC in next year’s race).

The ZEOD RC – while still technically in the prototype phase – is officially the world’s fastest electric car, boasting top speeds of  300km/h. It comes complete with special lithium batteries (similar to those in the Leaf) and features the ability for the driver to switch back and forth from electric to petrol-power if need be, and it’s only a matter of time before Nissan also debuts a traditional road version of the vehicle (rather than leave us hanging with only an elite racing version). Plus, with it’s beautiful space-age design, it’s easy on the eyes as well as on the environment!

Via Mashable

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