Looking for a whole new way to hit the links this summer? Say goodbye to the standard golf cart of yesteryear – pro golfer Bubba Watson has teamed up with Oakley to design and create the first ever hover craft golf cart, which will soon be able for golfers to rent at theWindy Knoll Golf Club in Ohio on July 27. The BW1 – as the craft has been dubbed – has the ability to float over the neatly manicured greens on a cushion of air, as well as the ability to turn amphibious and cruise right over water hazard.

As Watson explains in the video above, he hopes the trend of hover carts catches on to totally change the way golf is played. Other than simply being very, very cool, the BW1 leaves to footprint or wear on the course, which is a win environmentally, as well as financially for course owners. We also love the that BW1 still maintains many classic elements of the golf cart prototype…they really did make a hover version of the heritage golf cart model, rather than throwing something super new into the mix. Check out the video and photos for more proof that the “future” really is here…even on the nostalgia-loving world of golf!

Via Mashable

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