Admit it – when you first saw the rise of 3D-printed platform shoes and selected jewelry pieces, a part of your mind drifted and dared to wonder when we’d be seeing some futuristically fashionable 3D-printed clothes hitting the shelves. Well, mass market 3D-printed duds might still be a little far off, but renowned costume and jewelry designer (as in, he has designed custom wear for the likes of Lady Gaga, ┬áRihanna and Madonna) Michael Schmidt recently made this Jetsons-esque dream a reality for Dita Von Teese.

As part of an exhibition for an NYC design symposium this past spring, Schmidt teamed up with architect Francis Bitonti and the 3D-printing pioneers at Shapeways to design and execute a totally malleable modern burlesque ensemble for the lovely Ms. Dita! Over 3,000 separate joints connected the components of the dress – which was printed in 17 pieces and then dyed, lacquered and adorned with jet black Swarovski crystals – that took about four months to design and create. The result? Equal parts vintage glam and modern master piece! Check out the masterful creation on display now at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and take a look at the amazing video below to get the inside scoop on just how this modern marvel came to be!

Via T Magazine

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